MET Needs

  • A spare uniform has been provided for each student, so they no longer need to wash the same one daily.

  • Water bottles have been provided for each student, so they can have easier access to clean drinking water. Donated by the Women’s Writing Pilgrimage of Appalachian State University.

  • Backpacks have been provided for each student.

Unmet needs

  • Adequate salaries for school teachers. Our goal is to reach $200 per month.

  • Additional qualified teachers to teach a wider variety of subjects.

  • Reliable access to electricity for daily purposes.

  • Consistent access to internet to access online resources.

  • A residential school to be built on the 35 acres of land that has been purchased for this purchase.


We need your help to equip and empower young girls in India, so that they can build a better life and escape the grip of poverty in their community.


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Your donations allow us to provide young girls in India with the education and tools they need to build a better life for themselves and for their communities. 

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